//We serve people, not brands

We believe this new global economy is about empowering people.

It's not about constantly trying to surround them with 360 communications.
It's about giving people a reason to engage with and love you 365 days a year.

To do that, we focus on making products that solve problems.
By pairing behavioral insights with the right technology solution.

At Cllique, we make things people want.

We like making things people actually use.
Cllique Labs focuses on developing consumer facing digital products and services.

Cllique Social

We believe that great ideas can change the world.
Cllique Social creates solutions that help impact social change.

Cllique Consulting

We help brands develop digital products and marketplaces that empower consumers and create
meaningful customer experiences.


//We Work Agile. Fluid. Flexible

We build teams based on the needs of different projects

We develop consumer facing products through an agile development process that works on
rapid prototyping, creating a minimum viable product, real time testing and multiple iterations to perfect.

//We Make Things People Want

Here are a list of projects that we've been working on:



Lensy is a community marketplace for photography enthusiasts everywhere. Lensy seeks to champion the everyday photographer by giving anyone with a passion for photography an equal opportunity to feature and sell their photos to brands and businesses that need stock images.

For businesses, Lensy provides a low cost way to get unique Asian photos for their marketing needs. No more paying high premiums or enforced subscription plans. All photos are royalty free at just S$10 each with S$5 going back to the photographer. Through Lensy Tasks, brands can also engage their fans and tap on the Lensy community to crowdsource tailored images for their advertising and social media campaigns.


Find A New Startup

Find a new startup

Find A New Startup is the easiest way to learn about and connect with the latest technology startups around. We are excited and passionate about the number of new startups popping up everyday that disrupt traditional business models and change the way we live. Our goal is to categorise the world's startups so that everyone can easily discover these new businesses.

Find A New Startup helps you uncover new and interesting startups to invest in, collaborate with or work at.


//We Are Interdisciplinary

We are a motely crew of marketers, technologists, strategists, designers and makers.

C//IQUE ~ Cllique is derived from "Clique" in reference to a group of like-minded people held together by a common belief, purpose and culture. We believe that great ideas have the potential to change the world. We are passionate about challenging the status quo and in doing so, disrupt traditional businesses paradigms and empower social change.

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